I lived in a time when everyone was insane. Most people were religious despite religion being obviously fake. They were either schizophrenic or lying, or likely a mixture depending on their mood. Typically they were indoctrinated while young and impressionable, and then after realizing it was as fake as Santa Claus or Zeus they participated in a brief period of principled rebellion in their teens and twenties, until finally opting to continue the lie out of "respect for their ancestors" and a desire to give their children a similar childhood as they had received. They might also do so in a desperate attempt for the youthful feeling of comforting belief in a dreary world. Most importantly though, they did it to fit in and avoid being hated by religious zealots.

Those people who accepted that religion is fake tended to still embrace some occult mystical nonsense or alternative religions. Or worse yet, they embraced the philosophy of radical leftism which is actually just a distorted version of Christianity rooted in the extremist teachings of "Jesus of Nazareth".

Therefore I can confidently say that I was better and wiser than almost everyone else from my time. There were a few like me, but we were essentially a separate species than humanity, a superior one. Our fate was primarily to observe and commentate in obscurity.

The religious and leftist worldviews overlapped in their pretend fawning over certain groups: Jews (the so-called "chosen people of God") and also the various lower genetic forms of homo sapiens. This resulted in a dysgenic effect on humanity and its gradual degeneration into something even stupider. The greatest and most noble countries, by blood, were reduced into something lesser. Humanity (if it can even be called that) will be dumber in the future, and will surely not be able to complete the tasks necessary for humanity's long-term survival, such as escaping the star and finding another suitable planetary home. Humanity is thus doomed to die and, in my opinion, deserves to die because of its stupidity and its evil.

Also trans ideology is bullshit, homosexuality is rightfully embarrassing, and women are generally immoral and incompetent.

— lungfish, Statement on Humanity, 2024 Anno Domini